Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mentally Strong People Do These Six Things

The painting is a diptych that I did a while ago.  Think I will use the container again soon and paint another still life.

And, remember to celebrate other people's successes.  Be kind (my favorite word in English language)

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Butterfly

Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of
darkness and still become something beautiful.                Beau Taplin

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Over and over I find myself wanting to congratulate some parents who are teaching their children HOW to live life, and not trying to prepare the path for their child.  They are teaching how to be happy, not how to be rich.  They teach how to value what is important in life.

Have a person in one of my classes in college that has a daughter she is raising by herself.  She is an excellent parent to her teen age daughter.  And, she is on a limited budget.  My hat is off to her.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


 Be Silly.

Be Fun.

Be Crazy.                      BE YOU        Because life is too short to be anything but happy.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Another Form of Growth

Had a great time with Son in Law, Chris Daley, this week end.  He drove down to see old friends and go feral pig hunting.  Love him.

Talked  about much.  Came to a conclusion that this is another way to grow:
  Become friends with people not your age.  Hang out with people whose first language is not the same as yours.  Get to know someone who doesn't come from your social class.  This is how you see the world.  This is how you GROW.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Date Correction: May 19th FRIENDS OF THE ARTS

Date Correction: May 19th, Friday, FRIENDS OF THE ARTS

FRIENDS OF THE ARTS save this day--May 18th!

YOU will not want to miss this day, May 18th, a Thursday, from 10 am until 11:30 am at the unique home of Scott and Kelly Bradley, 1 Paigebrook, Westlake, Texas.

A brief talk will be given about the house that Dilbeck, architect, designed for the owner of the Dallas Morning News, Dealy, in 1934, and moving the house in many segments to it's present location at 1 Paigebrook.   You will not believe the planning, the energy, the money, the time,  it took for the rehabilitation of this "one of a kind" house (my all-time favorite in all the world!).

Tours of the house will take place and we are fortunate to have Chris McGuire, Classic Guitar Society, serenade the group.  The group will adjourn to a luncheon at The Classic Cafe in Roanoke, Texas, at 11:30 am.   Renova Williams has been the spark for this program.

Speaking of The Classic Guitar Society:  The Assad Brothers (Brazilian Masters) will be in Ft. Worth on February 16th at 7:30 pm. and in Dallas on February 17th at 7:30 pm.  A Gala Reception will be held on February 18th at 8 pm.  For further info and tickets call: 817 498 0363.  New York Times: "A kind of wizardry lies within the playing of Sergio and Odair Assad. They produce a supple, flawless. unified sound."

Monday, February 6, 2017

De Cluttering Life

I am in a new sense of "de cluttering" my life.  Have done some cleaning out and when you find things you did not remember you had and even worse don't know what they are, then you have too much "stuff".

Am finding that emotional and mental well-being is connected to clutter.  Isn't that interesting!

Finally getting rid of my horse Arabian Native Costumes and Side Saddle costume.  Crazy that I have these things and have not used them for decades.  They were an important part of life.  The wonderful memories of the times with people and horses is beyond description.  The fun and laughter of some of the quirky experiences that happen are priceless.

Here are a couple of my costumes along with a painting of a horse.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Life NOW

I sure have been philosophical  these past few weeks.  Probably caused by reflections on the new year and our presidential election.

Just was reading some of Richard Rohr's daily meditations and loved what he had to say about our Christian way of life.  Christianity is a loving way of life NOW, not just a system of beliefs and requirements that earn a reward in heaven.

He is a Franciscan Friar.  But, says that our Pope Francis is a man at the top who genuinely cares for the man at the bottom.  Love that.

Sunday, January 1, 2017


I Went to TWO New Year's Parties Last Night.  One was pretentious and rather closed in their warmth.  Attendance was mainly from their Church group.  The other celebration was what I call a radical welcoming group (certainly not exclusionary) and nonjudgmental.  You might say "your attitude was different for the two, but it was not."  I did not know several at the later group. By the time the clock struck midnight, I did.

I am hearing from some of my young college student friends that I am in class with that they feel this same feeling about Christianity: judgmental, exclusionary, and inefficient.  This is a challenge to me. I hope it is to you.