Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just Sold at Southwest Gallery

Susan just sold this painting for me at Southwest Gallery.  This is such a fun story.  Each year this house wren comes back and makes her nest in a hanging basket (new each year) of Geraniums.  Then the process of not watering for the time that nest is with eggs and babies.  Usually the Geraniums die off.  But, the fun part is that Mama House Wren is so used to me looking into the nest that she does NOT fly when I intrude into her personal life.  Actually look forward to hanging HER basket each year.  Ain't she cute! 

People From My Past

Tom and his Son, Mark, came by to see me and have me look at a painting that Tom and Mary S. had bought at an auction at one of the Gala's many years ago.  They had moved and placed  painting in a much better light.  This light revealed that I had painted it on a very textured surface and they were seeing this texture for the first time and thought something was happening to the painting.  We did have such a fun time renewing friendship (Tom was originally in Real Estate here in Colleyville).  His son, Mark is a financial advisor, as his Mother, Mary, was.  (Mary has a great book on finances that she sent to me.  Well organized and exceedingly interesting).  Mark bought my painting of Belle, my Great Dane.

What Fun to Barter

My esteemed Veterinarian and I just bartered (her idea, which makes it doubly nice) for a couple of years of vet bills for my darling dog rescued two years ago and by my side as I write this.  She is so smart and accommodating and I am the Alpha dog in our pack, so that makes it very nice.  It is good to have the background of dealing with horses for 20 years.  Teaches a consistent and loving approach without being too harsh or too milktoasty.  Actually feel that parenting and raising animals has a similar approach:  consistancy with love, setting boundaries, giving responsibility and rewarding with praise/treats/pats.

She chose a 12 by 16 that was so recently painted that I didn't get a photo of it.  (landscape)  And, she also chose a 16 by 20 still life that I did at Dena Wenmoh's near Marble Falls on a plein air paint out.  And, this last of the owls.