Sunday, November 17, 2013

This One is Going Into Lay Away

This was originally done in small format on the Isle of Capri when I was on the most incredible painting journey along the Amalfi Coast of Italy.  Sorrento was home base for the first 10 days.  Painted in Positano, Praiano, Paestum (best Greek ruins), Pompei, and Amalfi.  And, then Naples and Rome and the magnificent coliseum  were the final 7 days.
    Painted two days in Pompei and had two feral dogs come in and situate themselves on both sides of me and not let anyone come into out little grotto that I was painting in.  It was a wonderfully strange experience of connection with those two dogs.  And, I did not have any food to entice them.  It was their idea to be my protection.  Can still see and hear the snarl if anyone dared to trespass.  Thought that I might be coming back to Texas with two dogs.  But, they would accompany me as far as the entrance to Pompei and then, as if by magic, disappear into their world of feral dogdom.
    So this painting has some great memories that go with it.  And, I like the painting.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Five Paintings left today

It was a thrilling day today.  Four paintings went to a gentleman who already owns four of my others.  Here is one that left today (along with the dog commission in earlier blog).

Husband had this painting done for Wife as a birthday present

These two adorable dogs were a birthday present from Hubby to Wife.  And, during the painting of the brownish dog, Pickles, at age 15, she died.  By the time I finished the painting, these two became a part of my family too.  Painting was picked up today.  It was such a joy to do.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sometimes we paint the strangest subjects

My parents both had farming in their backgrounds.  I am inherently interested in domestic farm animals.  Actually in all animals.  This Mama Cow would not let the farmer (at historic farm on hwy 281) milk her by not letting her milk down until he put her calf on her.  And, Farmer Brown was trying to wean the calf off of her.  As soon as calf was let in, she let the milk down and the farmer could then proceed to milk her.  Interesting how clever nature can be.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Had Breakfast with Two Long Time Colleyville Friends.

Lila Coley and Sammy Bolin and I have been three of the long time members of this little city.  Worked with both of them on city projects.  Sammy  retired several years ago from working in the city hall
.  Miss seeing her when I visit the library.  And, Lila and I have been connected via the heritage of the city.   We had much to share and laugh about.  Met at the new Bacon's and had a two hour breakfast.

Am including this painting because it is wild grapes from my yard that abound in all three of our yards (if we allow them their freedom)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pavlova. She was my female swan that I had for many many years.

She and her mate, Baruschnakov, lived with me for a long time.  Finally mated and had two eggs.  The male swan was killed by a man (probably with an anger issue) when the man was mowing the yard.  Pavlova then quit the nest and died of heart break.  Swans mate for life.  Here is a painting of her that I lovingly did.

Painting won the blue ribbon in oils in a National competition.