Monday, May 1, 2017


Got an email from the Son of Harry Oliver Davis last night that his father died Easter morning (yesterday) between 7 and 8 am from renal failure.

Harry and I went all the way through Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, together and never lost contact with each other through all of those years except when he was in New York for a period of time when he married and had a son.  He had diabetes his later years and one time came to see me after his Mother died in Rusk, Texas, and he moved there.  He brought his diabetes meds and stowed them in the refrigerator .  I helped him into my van that was the car of choice at that time.  Harry was a natural leader on campus and was the Vice President of the Student Body which put him in charge of the Honor System.  We both remained Independents all the way through Southwestern. And, he was a constant part of my early married life.  Have a photo of my first child, Mikey, on his lap in the New Braunfels area.  Always had a thoughtful birthday card or Christmas card from him after he moved back to Rusk, Texas.

My hope for Harry is that he knew his potential and had confidence and appreciation for the dynamic person he was.  His unique sense of humor and his kindness touched many lives.  Am fearful that he did not know this about himself , and what a shame that would be.

So the older I get, the more I understand that it is OK to love my life that others may not understand at all.  INTERESTING. ! ! ! !Maybe Harry did know and appreciate who he uniquely  was

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