Sunday, May 18, 2014

This has BEEN A WEEK END to remember and appreciate.

Some of the perks of being an artist are the variety of events and people that come into your life.  The last four days are a great example of how interestingly varied life can be:

     went to Possum Kingdom exhibition (featured artist) and met some really good artists from the region that I did not know existed
    judged the Western Oil Painters of America Show (for getting into the show) and was so pleased at some of the good works.  And, it was good to know that my eye could determine so quickly.
    gave a talk at Dutch Art Gallery during their reception and actually was not the slightest bit nervous. That was interesting for me to learn about me.
    spent a lot of hours at Main Street Days in Grapevine, Texas, and loved the camaraderie that we shared in the physical work and the selling (and the eating).
    picked up a show at Southwest Gallery and actually found my way to another gallery via new pathway of directions.  And, kept my patience in some formidable traffic on LBJ roadway.
    always so happy to see my doggie, Trudy.  Whatta reception she gives, and it's sincere ! ! !! 

Sold this little one at Southwest Gallery, OPS Show:


We had the greatest camaraderie in our tent at Main Street Days.  Dave Morgan and Bob Fron were a real team setting the tent up each night.  Beth Wassom and Naomi Fron did a great deal of hard work behind the scenes and during the show.  It actually was a fun time of eating really bad for you food and telling the best life stories.  Laughed until my cheeks hurt from Craig's stories and loved sharing life with Fred and wife, Glo, and Naomi and Arlene.  Tired, but happy.  And, oh yes, it was a good selling time.

Here are some of the solids:

Friday, May 9, 2014

Sometimes the simplest subjects sell

Did a series of lures and fishing supplies and this one just sold in Possum Kingdom where I was a featured artist at their show held at the Chamber of Commerce.  Loved meeting some of the artists in the show from Oklahoma and Ft. Worth that I did not know.

Here is the painting of the lure: