Monday, August 20, 2012

Painting design

Since abstract design is underlying all work, I call me an "abstract slightly impressionistic realist". I'm sticking with this. The painting I am posting, I did an overall design of the entire object, leaving some negative spaces as background.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Painting in a group

Recently read a statement from Genn that said "painting is deeply lone
ly, unglamorous task of tolerating oneself long enough to push something out." It set me to thinking about being up in my Treehouse Studio for hours on end, sometimes even forgetting to eat and drink and go to the bathroom and certainly never speaking to anyone except myself. I kind of love that experience. And, then I decided to get some graduate courses in college in the painting direction. This is where Genn says interpersonal aggravation sets in, interest flags, and quality becomes intermittent. But, for me, I love the interaction and the sharing of ideas. It is a pretty long drive, and I am utilizing that drive to listen to some really good "books on disc". At the moment "War and Peace", all 47 discs, is underway. Never would I have read it. Now the traffic jams and I just sit back and enjoy. Here is a piece done in the midst of people. True, my professors are after me to go to abstract. I just respond that I work in abstract realism. And, that is really true that my beginnings are totally abstractions of the set up or landscape or figure or floral.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm not sure.

whether I enjoy the people more than the sale of art. Yesterday had two women from the Plano area come and pick up two of their paintings that have been on hold as they pay them out. We had the best time sharing life with each other. They are both single from death and divorce and they are both handling life so very well. They both have pets: parrot and dog and a dog. They will be on a cruise to Alaska in a couple of weeks, so they plan and prepare well. And, they both take very good care of their physical and mental and emotional health. Mighty proud of them.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Arlington Museum of Art Invitational Art Show called HeARTbeat.

The RECEPTION will be this Friday, August 17th, at the Museum from 6-9 pm. Come if you are in the area. The show will run for over a month, ending on September 21. Took my paintings this morning. It is curated by Lee Bowman. Here is a painting that will be in along with Eggplant and Sunflowers and Jug:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Arlington Museum of Art

Monday, today, will take three paintings to the Arlington Museum of Art. Am a part of a group of 12 artists that were put together specifically for this month long show. We each have three paintings that we are to bring. Here is one of mine:

Friday, August 10, 2012

I live in the middle of a very suburban area called the Metroplex (Dallas and Ft Worth, Texas)

In a small town called Colleyville, populated all around. My distinction is that I am visited every night by an assortment of critters-coyotes, possums, skunks, armadillos, a den of foxes (check earlier photo), have a hawk's nest right outside my Treehouse window (my studio where I paint) and the babies got so used to me talking to them I became very hohum, an owl, Eastern Bluebirds raising their young, house wren who constantly finds my prized hanging basket to build her nest EVERY year, raccoons, and guess what just came into my view last night? a Bobcat. It took me a while to realize what I was seeing. Guess I am in a pathway because of the creek flowing through the property. Every time I get up in the night (bathroom visit, drink of water) I have to check out the security lights and see what might be visiting. Really kind of nutty about this.

Fine Art Studio On Line, FASO, has a Bold Brush Contest every month. I have entered it for a couple of years, every month.

Have been successful in getting into the top 15% about 3/4's of the time, but have never gotten into the top awards. That is a goal for the year. Here is this month's submission-----a very impressionistic figurative.

Monday, August 6, 2012

AGING is not an illness

I just gave a program to a retirement center (some memory problems also) and these were my main points that we discussed. These reasons are the main reason that I am in graduate classes in college and will continue to learn for the rest of my lie. Remember: 1. Exercise regularly. It improves your balance, boosts strength and actually may help your mood. 2. Eat healthy. Eat a variety of good for you foods daily and practice pORtion control. 3. Be cautious about anti-aging therapies. Thoroughly investigate supplements, especially careful of restrictive diets and expensive remedies before you spend money and maybe hurt you. 4. STAY CONNECTED. Maintain close friendships through which you can share your thoughts about the challenges you face. 5. Keep your mind active. Learn something new. Go back to school. Remember what is good for your heart is also good for your brain. 6. Pay attention to your emotional well-being. A strong sense of purpose helps you face difficult times. And, allow yourself to grieve the losses that occur across life. Sharing your feelings can be a positive way to process emotion. HERE IS A PAINTING THAT WAS A DEMO AT A SIMILAR GROUP OF RETIREDS;