Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just back from Costa Rica

Absolutely a grand 8 plus 1 days of traveling over the gorgeous country of Costa Rica with the Caravan Tour.  42 people saw diversity of this lovely nation as we would never have seen it on our own.:  Rainforests (pelted with rain while on river boats), seeing spider monkeys, howler monkeys, and white faced monkeys, iguana, sloth, many species of birds, crocs, cayman,  etc.; saw coffee plantations, pineapple plantation (so very interesting), banana plantation, plantain plantation; ate the best meals with all of the previously named fruit plus mango and watermelon, every single meal. Crossed hanging bridges, walked the black beaches of the Pacific Ocean, toured the big city (walked some 3 to 4 miles to see a museum that was closed on that one day), went to another museum.  Stayed in the most varied of settings from quite elaborate in the city of San Jose to almost primitive in Tortequerro Rainforest, to almost too pretentious on the Beach.   Our guide and bus driver were excellent and the guide did a fine job of molding us into a family of people that were considerate and kind to each other.

     Have done a few paintings and will post them as I get them done:  Here is a couple of kids on the beach.  It is a small 10 by 8.  Did it very fast with no drawing, just painting the shapes of colors.

Computer mouse overworked ! ! !