Monday, June 5, 2017

Best of Show at the Eisemann Center

My thanks to the juror, Hebe Brooks, from Houston who judged this show at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas.  I had the fun of going with a friend who loves music and loaned me her dance shoes the first time we met at Ball Room Dancing lessons a year ago.  The Reception had a sweet 5 piece jazz band and good eats.  It was fun to share the evening with her.

The Richardson Library now owns this piece of work which was done from photographs I took some years ago.  The man had a black lab dog on his right that you do not see in the painting.  He had taken his handkerchief from a pocket and was putting it in the water to then take and cool his dog off.  Thought it was such a nice thing to do and glad I got his photo for the memory of the deed.