Sunday, January 25, 2015


With my years and years and years of living in this ole world, these things I know for sure:

1. Relationships count in life and not the things you do.
2. Eat decent food and not all that crap out there.  Actually go for the 5 to 9 veges/fruits a day.  Drink water.  I start my day with a cup of hot water and juice from a half lemon/lime.  And, floss  your teeth.
3. Get your finances in order:
   a. pay off that one credit card every month
   b. save NOW for retirement, your emergency fund, children's education.  And, save consistently by
       having it deducted from your check each month
   c. stay out of as much debt as possible by postponing gratification
4. Know that you aren't the person pigeonholed into the high school label.  Don't let someone else define you.  A strong sense of self is personal power.
5. Don't drink too much.  Really discipline yourself in this direction. A glass of wine at night is fine. Don't do drugs-period
6. Don't be desperate in seeking love, it's a big turn off.  Don't expect to meet your soul mate at a bar at 2:00 am.  Get involved in things that really interest you.  Take some classes, meet people at Church activities, volunteer.
7. Exercise on a consistently regular basis.  Remember that Silver Sneakers is free with some health insurers.
8. Keep the technical games and TV watching to a minimum.  You will kick yourself one day that you blew so damn much time on such putrid stuff.
9 Play some sport, individual or team.  It's a great teacher.  Learn to play an instrument.
10. Get a dog and be a good owner.  You'll live longer.

This is one of my selections for a National competition coming up:  wish me luck