Monday, April 28, 2014

Painting from the model is the way to go.

This "cowboy" was a great model.  Only had 30 minutes to do this.  Bought by another cowboy in Grapevine, Texas.

Long time friends, McIlvains, bought this painting of the Monarch Migration

Took the photo in California, Monerrey, where the Monarchs return year after year.  They land on the same trees.  None of the same butterflies make the migration, as they have died off.  Truly mystifies me how this is accomplished.

This family has been friends for many years.  In fact the male of the family was a teacher at First Methodist in Ft Worth when I was going there.

These two paintings left their home

It is always a deep complement when another artist that you have respect for buys one of your paintings.  That is where this painting found it's new home:  Thank you, Judy M., in case you see this.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Today a Family is Coming to check out their commissioned painting

No matter how many times this occurs, I will ALWAYS be nervous as the clients look at their commissioned work for the first time. (I am a pleaser, and want them to be happy with their painting extremely much)  This family is a long time family of friends.  The Grandmother, a wonderful woman in my life,  and Grandfather are giving their Son and Daughter in Law, Jill, a painting of their adorable three children. This Son, Mike, just happens to be a growing up dearest friend of my Son.  They actually were tennis doubles partners.    Mike and Jill had a curly haired daughter and then a pair of TWINS not that far behind.  Here is the painting: