Wednesday, August 30, 2017


In my life:
  I've loved
  I've lost
  I've missed
  I've hurt
  I've made mistakes

But, most of all I've LEARNED!

Just had a memory maker with a 13 year old Grandson (Hix and Amy's).  He had a project for school to interview someone.  We had a cocoa and cookie "tea party" up in my treehouse studio for over 2 hours.  He, Braxton, asked some interesting and thought provoking questions.  If I had not been keeping a journal with a young woman friend, Paula, for the past 11 years, the questions would have needed much more thought time.  But, because Paula and I ask anything and everything, we have actually done some organizing of our life memories.  What a wonderful treasure to have both of these people, Grandson Braxton and friend Paula. in life.

Just sent two paintings to an International and National Show.  Very happy they got into the exhibition, and surprised that this one made it.

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Paula Kaye said...

Grateful to be in your life! Paula