Monday, May 8, 2017

Heavy Week End All About Painting

Saturday was Ennis Bluebonnet day.  Being a little concerned with Trudy, dog, who I brought with me as a source of companionship and security, I did not stay that long.  But, did take some good photos and do one small painting.

Then Sunday, i was a demo artist at the Southlake Perennial Garden Club from 10 am until 4 p.m. at the home of Deborah and William Brinkmann.  I saw soooo many people that I had some connection with: English teacher of Holly and Hunter in high school that espoused her love and interest in them, people I had sold property to, people that had paintings they had bought and even one that had an inherited painting of mine, person that lived in The Garden sub division (residential development I had done), person that came by and told me she had bought the painting on a brochure I had with me, etc.  It was like old home week.  Still got a couple of rather large paintings done and sold one.  Gave out a wad of cards and brochures.

The following painting is what I did for one of the demos at Garden Club Tour.  It sold to one of the workers for the tour.

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