Saturday, November 28, 2015

Show is a Week Away

December 6th, Sunday, from 6-9 Reception, will be the Show at BLUEBONNET FUNERAL HOME,  5725 Colleyville Blvd., Colleyville, Texas, 76034.

I will have 40 NEW paintings and 30 sale paintings (demos and quick draws).  Don't Miss This.

Bluebonnet Funeral Home asked me if I would like to do this and am loving working with them.  Dee McIntosh has been my connection person.

So after a wonderful Thanksgiving at the Hunter and Liz Hardy home (16 of us there) and getting my Christmas decorations up on the following rainy Friday, sharing a wonderful time after dancing with Corky, having dinner with Ppac Group at Paulas's and viewing her new library  am getting the last paintings into frames and documented for the show.

Here are a couple of new paintings:

Friday, November 6, 2015

Scams and Fraud

Be smart and don't fall for the many scams and fraud that abounds in this world we live in, both via the internet and our telephones, and on the street.  Just in the past week, I have had two on my doorstep.
  Had a telephone call come in six days ago that a "legal matter" was pending and to immediately get back to them.  Tele number given and case number given for referral.  I was also told that I would have no longer than 24 hours to respond.  Each day another call comes in.  Today was my "final chance" to rectify the situation.
  I immediately did my homework and went to the internet to check on scams.  Found the exact scam plus a variety to others.  Called a Son and he verified he had been approached with a similar one.

And, in this same week, had a woman from the panhandle of Texas write me an email that she had seen a "hand painted, genuine oil painting, unframed still life" of mine on Ebay that she was going to buy but determined it to be fraud.  Appreciated the alert from her.
.  Sellers were from China and had two more of these paintings.  She saw my name on the signature and looked me up on internet and found me.  The painting is on my web site,  
  Went to Ebay and notified them of fraud and copyright infringement and gave the number of the still life.  Recognized some of the other paintings that were being reproduced fraudulently and emailed other artists.
  The above is not the painting, but one I have just done for upcoming show.  Hope to see you Dec. 6th from 6-9 pm at Bluebonnet Funeral Home, 5725 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville, Texas.