Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Just Finished This One

This is the beautiful little redhead granddaughter of the bride's parents (her brother's daughter) that was on the trip to Virgin Gorda.  Entitled it "Porcelain and Sand" and her skin did look like porcelain.

Antonio Working on the Painting

Monday, September 22, 2014

Neighbor worked with on this painting

Antonio is the son of Marco and Stacy who live in my neighborhood.  He painted the lower right hand corner of this painting when I was working on it at Grapefest and I retained it in the painting.  Thank you, Antonio.  Antonio is 3 years old.

Here are a few of the paintings that said goodbye at the Grapefest Festival

Had a great time in beautiful weather at the Grapefest Festival in Grapevine, Texas, two week ends ago.  Actually am just recuperating from it and getting my commission of young brothers done in time.  Sold some 15 paintings and also did the train demonstration during the festival.  Worked with a fine group of other artists who weathered the wetness on Friday beautifully.

Here are a few of the paintings sold during Grapefest:

Two Paintings Win Awards in Domestic and Wild Life Show

Could not be at the show because I was working Grapefest, but both of my entries won an award in this show with entries from over the US.

Gamblin Award for Chickens  "Free Range Chickens" and "Wildlife Award" for "Heron Hareing"  (I did not know until I saw it happen in my own back yard that Herons will actually drown a small animal to have it as a meal)

Received a 2nd place with the painting "Horny Toad" at the Ft. Worth Botanical Garden Show.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Put my Reference Material in With This Photo

In the upper right hand of painting is the reference in black and white that I was given for this painting. It was not an easy job.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Are You a Procrastinator?

I listen at various art meetings and functions such as the Grapefest to the awful tales of woe of the state of the economy and bad art sales.  This usually means that people shut down their production or just procrastinate.  Find myself quoting (loosely) Winston Churchill who says something like Success is not final.  Failure is not fatal. It's the determination to continue that counts.

Last year was the best year I've ever had just because I worked harder, worked hopefully smarter, and thus sold more.  The emphasis is not on quantity of paintings, but quality.  Find myself being more and more critical, with a good eye, on each piece of work.  A work is kept on the working block until it meets my standard or it is destroyed and I start over.

Had fun with this piece.  My daughter in law, Amy, has the piece in the back ground hanging in her bathroom.  Wanted to see if I could make toilet paper look pretty.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another Week Filled to the Brim and Spilling Over

Had just told myself that I must learn to say "No" a bit more often.  And, moments ago accepted the responsibility of judging the "Shining Stars" for another year.  So much for new resolutions.

Grapefest was a wonderful, tiring, exciting time for four days.  Sold fourteen paintings and did a demonstration that I will post in a later blog.

At the same time, I was under a time limit to get a commission done for a woman for her husband for their 25th wedding anniversary.  Had about 8 days to get the gallery wrapped canvas, get it gessoed, and the painting done with enough drying time to put a light varnish on.  She is coming tonight to view the painting, of which I am very pleased.  It was a back and white photo, and I kept my colors in a muted value, which gave the painting an ole world quality look.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

What a Vacation! ! ! ! !

  Been to the British Virgin Islands on the most flamboyant, luxurious week of my life Was taken by a young man celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary with a beautiful retake of vows on the beach of Virgin Gorda silhouetted in a magnificent sunset.  He took 11 adults  and 9 children.

We snorkeled, went to the Baths through tunnels of huge boulders, kayaked, swam, got a lesson in sailing a Hobie Cat, danced and danced with ages from 3, 5, 14, to adults, ate the best food I've ever eaten, swam wtth dolphins (the highlight for me), played ping pong, and shared a great week of life.


Just started a "Living the Best Possible Life Project", which also might be called a "Happiness Project" with a group of three other women.  We will meet once a month for a year, have a "Resolutions" chart to hold us accountable, and have chosen, individually,  a spiritual mentor or leader.  This is going to be an interesting project.  Daughter, Holly, is the person who initiated the idea with me.

Couple of weeks ago had a photo sent of one of my paintings hanging in a collector's home.  Such dear people I am happy to be hanging with.  Here is the image: