Thursday, July 19, 2012

Met with my very dear Prof. Artists Group yesterday.

It is a pretty unusual and special group that can hang together and critique each other and still love each other after almost 20 years. They are a dear bunch. You suffer with each other when you know that another is going through a particularly difficult time, with health or a loved one. Several are undergoing such. I'm wiping tears away right now as I write this. My work that I brought for critique was below. Also entering one into American Impressionist Society Show and the other into a Pet Show.

Friday, July 13, 2012

National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society Exhibit

In 2010 I won the best Still Life in the Best of America National Exhibit, $500 award. This year am entering this into the show. Actually entering these two paintings:

Every night they come to visit me.

I know they have a den not too far from my backyard. This is a nightly occurrence and mama fox will eat a bit and then fill her mouth to the brim to take back to the den. Daddy fox just eats. Occasionally one of them will come during the day. Taken with my I Phone with little light on the subject.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monterrey Monarchs. W

What a gorgeous sight. And, then to know their story and the miles they cover in their migration, never having done it before, is too much to understand with our human mind.

Today was spent with some spectacular women!

Spent most of the waking day at the Colleyville Convention Center. Saw some women I haven't seen in quite a while and what a pleasure it was. Rena Tarbet gave a magnificent motivational talk. I think of the 37 years I have known her and the entire time that has been an ongoing fight with cancer of the breast and then into other parts of the body and now in the brain and her non persevering battle. She is an icon. Sure love Ret, Renova, Bonnie, Betty Jean, Carolyn, Donna, and Velma. Some powerful women that are making big differences in this world. I salute you. Going to put this girl up as a means of saying how much I respect and love and feel the love of this community of women.