Saturday, June 29, 2013

Today is the 29th of June and an 80th birthday of one of our PAG (prof. artists group) members

Had the most delightful time talking with a friend of Aubrey Guthrie, celebrating his 80th birthday today,  Sat out in the back yard, had a beer and good conversation.

Last night had dinner at my home for Darnell Jones, and Marian Hirsch.  Could not have enjoyed that more.  All three of the above mentioned people are a part of the Prof Art Group (PAG) that meets on a monthly basis to critique and chew the fat and motivate each other.

Am working on a huge painting that Southwest Gallery will have to pick up, because it is too large for my van, once it gets framed. It will be, when framed, 72 inches x 60 inches.

Here is a painting that has just been done.  It is different for me.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last minute decision to go to Graham, Texas, for the National Texas Spirit Show

Made a decision about 2 pm to drive to Graham, Tx., for the reception beginning at 6:30 pm.  Took off at 3 pm and made it in plenty of time.  Had a great burger at Dairy Queen and a glass of tea.  The reception was beautiful and a wonderful variety of work from over the US.  But, the most interesting thing was seeing Mary Clendinning and her husband Bill, that I hadn't seen in over 40 years and we actually recognized each other.  They have a couple of my paintings they informed me.

The Show in Graham is a National Show and the reception was well attended.  I won 3rd place, a $500 check.  My dear friend William Schneider (Illinois) won 2nd, I think, and a woman from New York won 1st.  Am showing my painting that was the winner for me.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Keller Art Reception for PAINT and June Jazz

Survived the heat of setting up at the Keller City Hall Reception this past June 13, 2013.  The heat was 97 degrees while I was loading everything into the City Hall and setting up my outside location for the sale during the Jazz Festival that Keller is having every Thursday night in June.  Hix and Amy Hardy, son and daughter in law, were indispensable.  They manned the wine service for the indoor reception, kept me hydrated, and helped with loading the car at the very end of the evening, still 92 degrees at 10 pm.

Eight paintings went to new homes.  It is very special to sell to a fellow artist a couple of paintings, four paintings to a member of the Keller Arts Council, and a veterinarian bought guess which painting below.  The portrait went to the artist and is my first portrait ever done.  It was of a owner of the place I stayed in Italy when in Tuscany with Schneider and his wife.  Thank you, AT.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What a Week ! ! ! ! !

Grand daughter, Brittany, got married.
Colorado family, Holly and Chris and Harrison and Samantha, came to Texas for the wedding and stayed with me and son and daughter in law, Hix and Amy, for a week.  And, of course, Mother of bride, Liz, and son, Hunter, had many guests that flew in from over the world.  We always had meals together.  We had magnificent times at the Perot Museum, fishing (got a hook in my hand and had to go to E Care and that was even fun.  Taught kids how to put worm on, take the fish off, cast.  Braxton caught his first four fish ever. Samantha is our "best" hook taker outer when swallowed by a fish.  Harrison is a master fire builder.  We told stories about ghosts and had a friendly ghost visit (Hix in sheet), told stories about their parents (some of them true), and danced our lives away at the joyous wedding.

Tonight is the Keller Reception at the Keller City Hall, 7-9, with a sale preceding it at 6pm.  Hix and Amy will be opening and serving wine.  I am responsible for the reception for the PAINT group (professional artists in North Texas), nine of us women that have been a group for about 3 years now.
Here are a couple of studies that will be outside for the sale:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Had two Sisters come by today to pick up one of their paintings.

It is such a reward to get to share life with some of your collectors.  These two women have a delightful time traveling together.  Tried to upload the painting, but my photo was not good enough.

So, will put one of the paintings I did last week end in Graham, Texas.  Was sitting in my car near the old grist mill and did this painting in less than an hour.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Sweet Story: Via the Internet

Have maintained a wonderful friendship with the "best man" and his wife through all these years.  For the couples 50th wedding anniversary ! ! their son made them a gorgeous Grand father clock.  He had the face done in Dallas, and asked me to do some Texas wildflowers  above the face of the clock.  That was several years ago.  Just recently the son, who lives in Connecticut, went to my web site and picked out a painting that he wanted to buy for his own anniversary.  I was thrilled to have this painting go to such a fine young man and his wife.  It is on it's way to Connecticut now.