Sunday, April 10, 2016

This is What Life is About

Great time at the Outdoor Painters Show at Southwest Gallery on Saturday.  Man oh man did they get that show hung and take care of us (220 paintings from 19 states-our Prez, Tina B. did a fabulous job).  I was NOT happy with my Quick Paint, but appreciated the sale of three of my four paintings by the time the reception was over on Sat.

However, the real stuff of what life is made of came on Sunday.  Two of the artists returning home from the OPS Show, came by my home in Colleyville, Tx., and had bacon, quiche, fruit with me for a brunch Sunday mid morning.  We shared for a couple of hours over our luke warm coffee.  It was a wonderful, trusting, honest,  sharing and that, dear folks, is what life is about.  We all have a story, don't we.  And, then those two fine artists each bought a painting and went in their individual cars their individual ways.

Here are three of the paintings that sold at the show:  Thanks, Southwest.

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