Sunday, April 17, 2016

From 1969-1973 Those Starving Artist Shows

Every week I have someone email me with a painting or two they bought in the above four years.  Some of the paintings make me cringe and others I actually like.  This one was sent by a daughter via her Mother.  It was done very expressively with quite liquidy oils and I like it for the looseness of the paint and the color that was exaggerated.  And, the frame reminds me of this precious man who made me 300 frames at a time in the color line (turquoise, lime green, avocado green, burnt orange, yellow, and orange) of the decorative colors used at that time.  Remember those avocado green shag carpets, anyone?  Anyway, that dear man made these really nice frames, distressed them, painted the color line, and charged me a pittance for them.  Am remembering that I could get a 16 by 20 for close to $5.  Is that not unbelievable!!

Also reminded that I was painting 20 paintings a week, actually 5 a day for the first four days of week, as I had to get them into frames to carry to the shows on that fifth day.  Too wet to do otherwise.  Never will I work that physically hard in setting up tent and display each week end, nor will I ever make that much money again.  Bought the 20 acres in Colleyville, road in, horse trailer to transport paintings before owned any horses, 4 stall metal barn, and fencing.

Here is this painting done in 1969 or 1970.  Like the drawing and like the looseness and the transparency opposed to the opaqueness of the paint.  Thank you, Susan C., for the sending.

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