Saturday, August 16, 2014

Let me Give You a Typical Day

The one thing that I have fallen into this summer is sleeping later.  Must rectify that soon.  Have been getting to bed earlier, but still sleeping.  And, my darling precious Trudy (rescued on Feb. 1, 2014) who sleeps on her bed next to mine, does not make a sound until my feet hit the floor and she gets a "Good morning, darling".
     Started the day with breakfast for the two of us, Trudy and me.  Then did some watering out in the yard as Trudy does her daily investigation of what critter has been in HER territory through the night. Then read my morning devotional that Hunter, son, and Liz and girls got me started on some summers ago and a short bit from a book that four of us will read and have an agenda to add "brightness and laughter" to life.  The book suggestion came from my daughter, Holly, who was reading it in her book club.  Then came out to office and did office work (sent a couple of cards, emails, entered a show).  Since I knew my evening was going to be full, went to gym early.  I usually close it down from 9-10 p.m..  Took four paintings to a new gallery that wanted to have some paintings from me during the Gallery Walk in the Fall.  From there I ate a salad (maybe the worst salad I have ever eaten.  But, I must have been hungry) Then drove into Grapevine for a meeting there.  Left the meeting during the demonstration only because I wanted to be a "show" at a friend's reception in Keller.  Then home to feed my dear Trudy.  It was past her feed time, but not a word of irritation did she make.  And, that is a very typical day, though each day has it's own personality.

This painting is on it's way to the Bosque Classic.  This is an International Show that little ole Clifton, Texas, has presented for years.  They put on one of the best shows in the nation.

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