Monday, August 18, 2014

Flipping Art

Have recently been asked what I think about flipping art, meaning: buying art at one price and selling for a profit.

Since I have been a Broker in Real Estate and have done a lot of flipping of both residential and commercial real estate, I have no qualms about flipping art for a profit.  But, this is not the only problem  that is rearing it's head.  Artists are saying that since they created this product, they should be a part of the  profit made, be it a small 3% or larger.  I  disagree.  How would this ever be determined as a future sale is made?  Life of artist?  Too many questions that don't have reasonable answers.

Two  of my three paintings going to Art in the Garden:   Short duration Show: Sept 4,5,6,7, 2014
Held at Botanic Gardens, Ft Worth, Texas     During Gallery Night go and have refreshments.

 Top painting is Tea Time. oil, 18 x 24

     Bottom painting: Hidden Hare, oil, 28 x 22

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