Thursday, June 13, 2013

What a Week ! ! ! ! !

Grand daughter, Brittany, got married.
Colorado family, Holly and Chris and Harrison and Samantha, came to Texas for the wedding and stayed with me and son and daughter in law, Hix and Amy, for a week.  And, of course, Mother of bride, Liz, and son, Hunter, had many guests that flew in from over the world.  We always had meals together.  We had magnificent times at the Perot Museum, fishing (got a hook in my hand and had to go to E Care and that was even fun.  Taught kids how to put worm on, take the fish off, cast.  Braxton caught his first four fish ever. Samantha is our "best" hook taker outer when swallowed by a fish.  Harrison is a master fire builder.  We told stories about ghosts and had a friendly ghost visit (Hix in sheet), told stories about their parents (some of them true), and danced our lives away at the joyous wedding.

Tonight is the Keller Reception at the Keller City Hall, 7-9, with a sale preceding it at 6pm.  Hix and Amy will be opening and serving wine.  I am responsible for the reception for the PAINT group (professional artists in North Texas), nine of us women that have been a group for about 3 years now.
Here are a couple of studies that will be outside for the sale:

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