Saturday, June 29, 2013

Today is the 29th of June and an 80th birthday of one of our PAG (prof. artists group) members

Had the most delightful time talking with a friend of Aubrey Guthrie, celebrating his 80th birthday today,  Sat out in the back yard, had a beer and good conversation.

Last night had dinner at my home for Darnell Jones, and Marian Hirsch.  Could not have enjoyed that more.  All three of the above mentioned people are a part of the Prof Art Group (PAG) that meets on a monthly basis to critique and chew the fat and motivate each other.

Am working on a huge painting that Southwest Gallery will have to pick up, because it is too large for my van, once it gets framed. It will be, when framed, 72 inches x 60 inches.

Here is a painting that has just been done.  It is different for me.

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