Saturday, June 15, 2013

Keller Art Reception for PAINT and June Jazz

Survived the heat of setting up at the Keller City Hall Reception this past June 13, 2013.  The heat was 97 degrees while I was loading everything into the City Hall and setting up my outside location for the sale during the Jazz Festival that Keller is having every Thursday night in June.  Hix and Amy Hardy, son and daughter in law, were indispensable.  They manned the wine service for the indoor reception, kept me hydrated, and helped with loading the car at the very end of the evening, still 92 degrees at 10 pm.

Eight paintings went to new homes.  It is very special to sell to a fellow artist a couple of paintings, four paintings to a member of the Keller Arts Council, and a veterinarian bought guess which painting below.  The portrait went to the artist and is my first portrait ever done.  It was of a owner of the place I stayed in Italy when in Tuscany with Schneider and his wife.  Thank you, AT.

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