Tuesday, March 8, 2016

From the Past

Almost every week I have the wonderful and quizzical experience of having an email or telephone call about a painting from the past.  This story came to me from a dear neighbor that lives down the street, actually on a street named after my daughter, Holly, in a sub-division that I did many years ago.  Had the privilege of going to a New Years Party that was a dy no mite time (more food than you could even begin to name, much less eat).  She was at her Church with some friends including another person named Ann Hardy.  They found a painting that I had done and neighbor had never seen at the Church.  She felt that probably I had donated it to an auction and then the owner had given it to the Church.  I did not remember doing the painting, but did recognize it as mine.  The date of origination was probably in the early 1970's, as I was painting on paper at that time.  That is a long time ago-some 45 years! !  !

Another fun story was from a former real estate friend and his wife, a writer.  They had moved to Denton from Colleyville and consequently put a painting of mine in much better lighting.  Because they could see it so well, they thought the heavily textured underpainting was a "growth or something that was coming up through the paint".  I got the biggest kick when I saw what they were talking about.  Their Son was with his Dad and when they uncovered the painting.
 Son and I had a good laugh.  Son ended up buying a painting of my Great Dane, Belle, as he is a Dane lover also.

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