Thursday, July 17, 2014


Just had a meeting of our PAG artists a couple of days ago.  We are a group that has been meeting as long as I have been painting for my livelihood.  We talk about all subject matter and have shared much of life with each other.  Consequently, we have become a close knit body, a kind of family, and it is quite wonderful and important to me. 
     We have some real life toughies going on in our midst at this time.  And, it is most interesting to see how we handle these difficulties.  Our hearts go out to our fellow creators. 
     One of our members sent this to me and it is worth sharing:  I am paraphrasing:
          Don't think of a rose bush with thorns, but think of a thorn bush with roses.  And, surprising to me,  this is an Abraham Lincoln quote. 

Just  found out had a painting, a portrait! ! !, win an Award of Excellence in National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society. 

This is a latest painting that still working on.

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