Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Painting Being held for Buyer as Birthday Present for Wife

It is mighty fun to have an email, out of the blue,  that says they saw a painting that they want for their wife's birthday.    And, then to have the man send a down payment to determine the painting is not sold, before he can pick it up, as it in another show.

And, it is exciting to have a 7 ft. x 4 ft. (foot!, not inches) painting out on approval from a marvelous  gallery that represents you.

And, it is exciting to have 6 paintings in pay out.

And, it is very exciting to get to judge a really good show.  It is hung at the beautiful Eiseman Center in Richardson, Texas,  right this moment and I will go tomorrow, May 2, and do the awards judging.  Have already determined the 80 that will be in the show.  And, I get paid for this great fun.

Below is the painting that will be a birthday present.  18 x 24, oil.

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