Saturday, February 27, 2016

What Fun to Barter

My esteemed Veterinarian and I just bartered (her idea, which makes it doubly nice) for a couple of years of vet bills for my darling dog rescued two years ago and by my side as I write this.  She is so smart and accommodating and I am the Alpha dog in our pack, so that makes it very nice.  It is good to have the background of dealing with horses for 20 years.  Teaches a consistent and loving approach without being too harsh or too milktoasty.  Actually feel that parenting and raising animals has a similar approach:  consistancy with love, setting boundaries, giving responsibility and rewarding with praise/treats/pats.

She chose a 12 by 16 that was so recently painted that I didn't get a photo of it.  (landscape)  And, she also chose a 16 by 20 still life that I did at Dena Wenmoh's near Marble Falls on a plein air paint out.  And, this last of the owls.

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