Thursday, December 3, 2015

Just got word: Have been named a MASTER SIGNATURE MEMBER ARTIST for Outdoor Painters Society. Humbled.

Outdoor Painters Society has only yesterday named 5 MASTER SIGNATURE MEMBERS to their ledger of painters:  John Cook, Fran Ellisor, Kaye Franklin, Ann Hardy, and John Pototschnik.  Am humbled and honored to be in their company.

While I was in the midst of judging online the NOAPS (National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society) Fall Online Show, I happened to go to my email while waiting for a phone call for information on submitting my vote.  The information stated above came to me from Tina Bohlman, President, and it rather stunned me.

By the way, there were 791 entries into the show and you give considerable time to a good many of the entries.  Went through them three times, and the second time voted and then checked myself.  Wonderfully interesting experience.  This was my third National Show to judge.

So, I have been working like a beaver to get my "Painting for the Living" Show all framed and labelled, the NOAPS judging done, my Christmas cards made (which I painted the image), dancing lessons attended, college attended, and Christmas decorating done.  Whuff ! ! !

Here is a small painting that will be at BLUEBONNET FUNERAL HOME SHOW, this Sunday, Dec. 6th, 6-9


Margie Whittington said...

Congratulations Ann on being a Master Signature member artist for OPS!

llshawhan said...

Ann, so pleased to call ourselves "collectors" of the works of Ann Hardy! Thrilled for your & the continuing accolades being awarded to you! Well deserved & some nearly "tardy" in their recognition in our opinions! Paint on, beautiful lady!!!