Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ahhhhhhh LIFE. WHAT BLESSINGS ! ! ! ! !

This week end, packed up my most adorable dog, Trudy, and headed for Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, where we spent a couple of days reuniting with wonderful friends of many decades ago. (seen many of them over the years at same reunion, but, somehow it seemed more special this year). My Junior year roomy, Kathleen, was driven over from Austin by Carol.  These two women have been a great contribution to the world.  It is definitely a better place for their being in it.  Got to see my Granddaughter, Madison, and she looked glowingly beautiful. She even had the courage to take me to her apartment and show it off. Got to meet her roommate. Met and talked with Dr. Berger, SU President, and I told him I had a Granddaughter there and he quickly corrected me that she was not a freshman, but a sophomore, and her name was Madison Hardy. He even remembered giving her a ride in his golf cart to an early breakfast at the commons.

 The week end before I went out to the Ft Worth Nature Center and painted at Stormy's home there.It is located in the middle of the Center with a 12 foot fence around their place to keep the critters out of one of the most wonderful gardens.While there I painted tomatoes, shown below, and came home with some of the best yard long green beans (ate the entire amount in one sitting that very night), tomatoes, and huge sweet potato. Stormy ended up chatting with me for almost an hour as I painted her tomatoes. Beautiful day in a beautiful place with a beautiful person.

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