Wednesday, July 29, 2015

MY FAVORITE BOOK and What it has Taught Me.

I remember exactly where I was when listening to this book on tape, laughing and crying out loud.  Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning" was listened to as I painted on a low water bridge off Hwy 281 in South Texas.
  He lost every one in the four Nazi camps he was in:  his parents, siblings, and pregnant wife.  The inspiration for me was that while he had no choice over these happenings of life, he had the choice of his reaction to them.  He could not avoid the awful suffering, but he could choose how to deal with it.
  MY POINT:  We as artists also have the ability to choose how to deal with what life throws at us.
    Rejection from a show-how do we handle it?
    Selling?  Actually better to have less stuff to have to insure, repair and maintain.  Nice to simplify life.  Have a Son and Daughter in Law who have just "downsized" because daughters are leaving or left nest.  More "stuff" does not make us happy. You make you happy.
    Responsibility?  Once again I bring up the discipline of taking responsibility for our actions and not blaming any other person, school, government, church, entity.
    Actually know what happiness is for you.  Be grateful for things we often take for granted.

Here is a part of life that makes me happy, the act of getting to paint and then interact with people with those paintings.

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