Monday, June 1, 2015

How We Spend Our Days is How We Spend Our Lives

If you are waiting for everything to fall in place and all conditions be "ripe" and right to paint, to write, to practice piano or guitar, to clean out a closet, or organize a desk, that time will probably not  come.

My biggest irritation with my fellow man is the idea that one workshop, or one class, or one video will    make them a master of their craft.  I know we have all heard of 10,000 hours to produce a real artisan.  I am thinking that may be a fraction of the time required.  It is all a comparable measurement.  With 2,000,000 artists in California alone, just think of how many people are wanting to become artists.  And, just think how many of them are working and have been working for decades of their lives.  Their production has been consistent.  Their production has taken place with wise decisions and enthusiasm.

So, what I am saying is you had better be able to enjoy the preciousness of the journey.  Who knows when you become the Master of whatever you are trying to achieve, or when you are "successful".

Just had a 2nd cousin ride her motorcycle from the North and spend some days with me.  We talked non-stop.  What a great experience to get to know this cousin and her story.  Hope she came away with the same feeling.  We ALL have a story.  Some are tougher than others.  But, we all have a story.

Just doing a bit of reworking on this painting.  It  will still take some more strokes before I am happy with it.

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