Monday, December 29, 2014

Family is Here

And, it is more than wonderful to share in all the joys of life.  The festivities continue as more and more family arrives.

I want to share with you an Egg Nog recipe that I have recently replaced my old recipe with.  It is a bit of trouble, but well worth it.  It will be made the night before and "utilized" on New Year's morning or maybe at a dinner when all are here.

The ingredients are:

6 eggs separated
1 C sugar
1 pint of bourbon
1 jigger of rum
1 pint of whipping cream
1 pint of almond milk

Whip your cream. Beat yolks until thick and pale lemon color. Add sugar gradually, beating well until sugar is dissolved.  Add bourbon and rum, pouring it slowly and beating constantly. (cooking the eggs, so go slow)  In a large bow (chilled) beat egg whites until stiff and carefully fold in the whipped cream. Slowly pour the yolk mixture into the whites and cream, folding carefully.  Thin with almond milk to insistence you want.  Refrigerate overnight.  Thanks, Allyson.

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