Saturday, October 11, 2014


The commissions are way ahead of me.  Have a very interesting one right around the corner, with only a couple of weeks to get done.  But, I miss painting some of the things I just WANT to paint for the whim of it.  Would love to get a series done on birds.  Have a house wren that comes every year and builds her nest in my Geranium pot.  That means I quit watering.  Mother wren has gotten so used to me taking the basket down and seeing how her nest of eggs or babies is doing that she doesn't leave when this happens.  Can you believe that! !  
  A next favorite bird is the Eastern Blue Bird.  Have two nests (boxes) they come back

year after year.  Boxes must be placed far apart-500 feet or so, be on a tree or post some 5 feet from the ground.  They are a territorial and feisty little bird, sometimes fighting their own reflection in my windows.  Here are a couple of small bird paintings:

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