Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some Changes in this year of 2014

Just adopted an 8 year old Australian Shepherd/Labrador Retriever Mix from Tarrant Humane Society.  She is a very laid back, extremely friendly and sweet, devoted after some bewilderment over losing her family (family lost job and then lost home, car, and dog.  I can't imagine their heartbreak).  Her name is Trudy and her coloring is black with white feet and a blaze of white on chest.  Since I do not have a fenced in yard, have been taking out via leash every time we exit the house to go to bathroom, walk, office/gallery, mail box, and it has been COLD here.  Today in Colleyville, Texas, it was 19 degrees and never got over 28 degrees.  Tomorrow it is supposed to snow.
 Never have I spent so much time talking in a low, loving voice, telling this wonderful companion how wonderful and beautiful and good she is.  And, she is all of these attributes.  I am in love with her and feel that unique devoted love that a dog can give in return.  She has hip dysplasia, so she is getting glucosamine/chondroitin  and will try and get a little weight off of her.  You will be seeing paintings of her, that I am sure.  She loves people and dogs.  And, dogs seem to love her. 

And, the year was so good in art sales that I bought a Lexus RX 350, crossover that seats go down.  Will give you a formula for buying on line, which I did.  Could hardly wait to tell my two Sons.  They gave their Mom proper enthusiasm for the "good buy" their Mom got. 

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