Friday, December 20, 2013

A Night to Remember

What a night it was.  Some favorite clients (who have become good friends) picked me up and transported me to their home in Grapevine.  (This is the family who bought a painting of mine in an estate sale and wanted a photo of me with their daughter and the painting.  They have since purchased and have in lay away some 10 additional paintings and we have become solid friends.)  They have more fun in their various collections and work as a team in finding items at garage sales and estate sales.  I had the privilege of seeing these wonderful collections, meeting their Son, meeting their pets, seeing my paintings and a wonderful Henri painting,  enjoying a fabulous meal (with enough food from this meal  sent home with me that only tonight, four days later, have I finished all of that good food), wonderful conversation, and then sent me home with a little live Christmas tree and mints.  THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL A MEMORY MAKER.  Will never forget the evening.

Here is one of their paintings:

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