Sunday, October 20, 2013

Can't Figure this one out:

Some 10 years ago did this painting a couple of times.  One of our representatives to Texas State Capitol asked to borrow the painting for the years she was serving in our State Government.  The other painting was sold.  Just recently the painting from the State Capital came home to me when our representative was not reelected, and it sold to the lady that bought the boy fishing and girl with flowers in her hair (a couple of my favorites).

And, then I got an email with this other painting in it wanting to know what the title was, a little about the painting, and value would be.  Whoever bought it from me made some changes to the painting:  They repainted the boys hair dark (maybe they had a dark haired son) and they added these red flowers (maybe they decorated their house in red), but they kept my signature.  Isn't this the strangest story! !   Both the paintings are below.  Just remember I did NOT paint the dark hair or the red flowers and much of the rest of the painting.

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