Thursday, September 19, 2013

Such Reasonable and Successful Teamship in Grape Fest

First of all we were lucky to get the privilege of being in Grape Feat in a booth, sharing the "time slots" of selling, the setting up of booth, the taking down of booth, all for free to the 17 artists that participated, thanks to the negotiation of David Morgan.  And then we had the three women:  Naomi Fron, Beth Wasson, and Arlene Taylor who chaired the event with great leadership and patience.  It was remarkable to see the efficiency of the experience called GAP in Grape Fest.  GAP stands for Grapevine Art Project, a group of all kinds of artists that meet in Grapevine and have the opportunity to sell and show.

Here are a couple of my paintings that sold in the festival called Grape Fest:

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