Thursday, August 1, 2013

Don't discredit Art Bought at a Variety of Sales Arenas

This past week-end, I had a family, father and daughter, come to my gallery/office with a painting they had purchased at an Estate Sale. Since this was daughter's first art purchase, they wanted a photo with artist.  It was a water media done in the late 1960's or early 1970's when I was doing all of the art festivals and Starving Artist Shows.  And, I actually truly liked the painting. (Can't say that about many that pop back up in life.)  But, I did not remember doing the painting and  verified by checking my signature.
     The interesting thing in life when you have done so many paintings and sold literally thousands of paintings. is the "remeeting" and reintroduction back into your life.  Some of the paintings have been passed down in inheritance situations.  Others have been found in a variety of places.  Some paintings you are proud of and some you are not.  I get an email every week with a description  or actual photo of a painting.  The new owner asks the usual questions of what was the story, do I remember doing the painting, what is the title, what is the current value?  I am printing these emails for my scrapbook.  They are wonderful stories and connections.
     Anyway, to get on with my original thought:  don't negate your old paintings turning up.  My father/daughter bought another water media (framed in same frame! as the one from Estate sale), and put three more paintings into Lay Away.  And, I get to add this wonderful family to my friends list.
     Here are their paintings in Lay Away:

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