Saturday, February 16, 2013

For an Artist's Well Being

Relationships with TRUSTWORTHY artists is necessary for a really rewarding experience in the art world.
     Be responsible and dependable in your business:  do more than expected, be on time, do what you said you'd do, have good customer service.
     Study a little each day: visit a museum, read about a favorite artist, sketch.
     Work hard.  I've put in 12 hours a day, maybe more, for 15 years.  Make the phone a nonentity.   A few hours of no interruption are better than a half day with .
      My promotion:  Discipline in life of basing life on honesty, being responsible for self, postponing gratification, and having balance in life (family, exercise, proper nutrition, financial responsibility, some time for friends, sleep, spiritual) all are a must for a well developed life with happiness and joy.  Planning is necessary to get it all in.

Here is an entry into Grapevine Art Project Show:

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