Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some EARLY RESOLUTIONS concerning the paint world

Going to list them fast and without much sub topic  pertaining to them:  be grateful (for things like the time to paint, a place to paint, the freedom); give myself credit (for the persistence I have, for my passion, my accrued skills, interest, drive, smarts); no jealousy of anyone (nor any unkind words towards another artist as a put down); hang out with people that are positive and not negative about my art or life in general; be true to myself; go ahead and risk because mistakes are OK and actually a form of growth; get some action going on a bodacious plan; and above all be honest and face truth.  

One more little item for the next month:  For the 26 people killed in New Town, I am going to do  that many kind deeds (completely unexpected, maybe unplanned, to friends and unknown, just to have some small thing come out of that horrendous thing that might have a positive affect.   Jump on the bandwagon with me.

Here is a recent small painting available:  "Stew Ingredients"  (priced at $500)   12 by 16  framed plus tax     Until the end of January.  This is a one time opportunity and I like this little pic a bunch.

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Teresa Cowley said...

What a beautiful resolution re: New Town. I believe you will receive those kindnesses back many fold! :)