Friday, November 16, 2012

Just back from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and American Women Artists National Exhibition Award

Just back from an exquisite time in Chattanooga.  Loved the entire experience, but what really stands out in my mind is the sharing of life with several people:

Fell in love with a family named Elder.  Martha (my sis's name) and George (my Father's name) are the two Elders.  Both are very sensitive, kind, and thoughtful in their dealings with the world.  Besides that, Martha is truly beautiful and George is handsome.  George had polio and another dibilitating disease when he was 3 and lost a leg.  Wears a prosthesis which is removed when driving a car and sitting for long periods of time.  Prosthesis rode beside me on floor of front seat when George was kind enough to take me to the airport.  Martha and George are remarkable.  Hope they know it.  I sure do.

And, I had the privilege and joy of sharing a bit of life with Joyce Metters.  She provided transportation and shared a lot of meals with me.  Thus, we shared a lot of life.

AMERICAN WOMEN ARTIST's National Exhibition Award:  Tubac, Arizona, at the K. Newbie Art Gallery and Sculpture Gardens, Month of November, 2012.  Also sponsored by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  Here is my entry and "Best Painting" award.  This was a bigger for me.

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